Hinulugang Taktak

Hinulugang Taktak Protected Landscape, also known as Hinulugan Taktak, is a procted area located in Rizal. Initially assigned as a recreation area, the waterfall area has been designated as a national park by virtue of Republic Act No. 6964 in 1990. Ten years later, it became a protected landscape in accordance to Proclamation No. 412. It is being managed by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the Rizal Provincial Government. As of 2003 and 2004, Hinulugang Taktak is the second most popular national park in the Philippines in terms of number of visitors. (wikipedia)



Antipolo Church

The Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Shrine, also known as the Antipolo church is an iconic place of worship down south of Manila. Many worshipers come here, especially those who plan to travel or work abroad, to pray for safety while away from their families.

This church is even more dear to our family, as we come here for our Sunday Masses many years back, when we still own a house in a nearby subdivision – Woodrow Hills. That property has long been sold, after Didith and I moved to the UAE to work.

The visit here brings back lots of memories. They have made lots of improvements around the area.



Lunch with the Pantanillas

Every vacation, the Pantanilla family makes sure that they get a lunch date from us. It is usually their treat, and they try to bring us to really nice restos around.

This time, we went to Jeca’s, which is a very Pinoy resto located just in front of the new Malolos Municipal Building. The food was in modest servings and the taste was perfect, especially if you long for Pinoy cuisines.

After this, we were also treated to some Starbucks frap, for I guess, dessert 😀

Thank you, Pantanillas!



The Pantanilla family are our relatives from my father’s side.

Inigo in GCS

Didith and I also graduated from the same elementary school – Guiguinto Central School. Today, Inigo had a chance to visit the school, with teacher Ren, my eldest sister who happens to teach in the same school.

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Looks like we have a future speaker in the house!

Inigo had a great time!

Divisoria Trip

Divisoria is a shopping place in the Philippines, where you find unusually cheap finds for almost everything.


Seems like it’s daddy who’s pointing his fingers 😀


Lucky pig, please bring us luck this year, and the years to come.


Mommy is the official photographer 😀

Pizza+English Teacher

We had a quick haircut at Robinsons Malolos today.


Grabbed our favorite Pinoy Pizza – Greenwich Pizza!


Visited our high school teacher and wedding ninang Mam Estrellita Dayao. Got her some presents from UAE. Didith and I share the same high school teachers because we went to the same high school. Wifey, by the way, is our Class Valedictorian.

Touch down!

Yes, we are finally here!

Planning to eat at Pastry Chef, for an eat-all-you-can treat, but we decided to just grab a decent meal from a nearer resto.


Lovely dinner with the Gregorios at the Kenny Roger’s.

IMG_7075Nice welcome cut outs by the Bautistas. Thanks muchos!

Coming Home 2019

Coming back home after a year! My last vacation was June 2018, but it was a very short one, and it was kinda business trip, so I could formally open a business branch.

For my wife and son, it’s about a year and 3 months, since they were in the Philippines.

We’re looking forward to this trip! It’s gonna be a short one. The shortest I guess for my family, but we hope that is going to be worth it.

God bless our trip!


Yup, not seated together unfortunately.


Philippines, finally!


We’re excited for the days to  come!