Pastry Chef

An intimate dinner was held for our family to celebrate Inigo’s birthday.

Pastry Chef seemed to be the most requested resto, so we held the celebration here. This resto offers an eat-all-you-can buffet dining, with international dishes, and of course, Pinoy cuisine.



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Happiest birthday, Inigo!


My father passed away in 2011.

It is a must for me to pass by his grave to pay tribute. His sacrifices paved way to all the things that are happening to my life. Together with my mom, he made sure I got good education together with my siblings. He was an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) like me, and so I can say I am a second-generation OFW. He worked in Iraq and Saudi Arabia as a construction worker. Unlike me who lives with my wife and son while working abroad, he sacrificed being away from his family, in order to support our needs.

You are never forgotten, Tatay. Your love for us will always be remembered.


Didith was with us on this visit, but was not able to reach the tomb because of the flooded pathway.