The Trip Back (2019)

Living in your own country will always be best, especially if your loved ones are here. Food is great, friends and families are here. You can do whatever you want.

But sometimes, we have to make decisions in order ensure a better future ahead. And so leaving the country today for the nth time may appear like something that we’re used to. But no. We can never get used to this.

We always look forward to the time when we don’t have to leave.

And so for now, goodbye Philippines. Thank you for the wonderful two weeks.

Until next time.

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Pastry Chef

An intimate dinner was held for our family to celebrate Inigo’s birthday.

Pastry Chef seemed to be the most requested resto, so we held the celebration here. This resto offers an eat-all-you-can buffet dining, with international dishes, and of course, Pinoy cuisine.



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Happiest birthday, Inigo!

Lunch with the Pantanillas

Every vacation, the Pantanilla family makes sure that they get a lunch date from us. It is usually their treat, and they try to bring us to really nice restos around.

This time, we went to Jeca’s, which is a very Pinoy resto located just in front of the new Malolos Municipal Building. The food was in modest servings and the taste was perfect, especially if you long for Pinoy cuisines.

After this, we were also treated to some Starbucks frap, for I guess, dessert 😀

Thank you, Pantanillas!



The Pantanilla family are our relatives from my father’s side.

Inigo in GCS

Didith and I also graduated from the same elementary school – Guiguinto Central School. Today, Inigo had a chance to visit the school, with teacher Ren, my eldest sister who happens to teach in the same school.

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Looks like we have a future speaker in the house!

Inigo had a great time!

Divisoria Trip

Divisoria is a shopping place in the Philippines, where you find unusually cheap finds for almost everything.


Seems like it’s daddy who’s pointing his fingers 😀


Lucky pig, please bring us luck this year, and the years to come.


Mommy is the official photographer 😀