16 thoughts on “Dona Nobis Pacem

  1. rose says:

    Quietly I whisper … ☮
    Dona nobis pacem.


  2. lovely. 🙂

    My best Peace blessings to you.


  3. PS… the yelling at a bud made me laugh out loud.


  4. Travis says:

    Excellent words in support of Peace. Cheers!


  5. Peaceful Pawkisses, Little Binky and Granny 🙂 ❤


  6. Hi Nelson, Great peace post and peace globe. I also enjoyed the line about yelling at a bud. How true, right?!! Peace.


  7. annelisa says:

    Hello Nelson, I’ve been looking forward to visiting your post, because I’ve always felt the love here. You are a remarkable man. And you have been in my thoughts lately, and you will continue to be. I hope you and your beautiful family might find peace.

    Namaste xx


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